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"How does the membership model work?"

You will be asked to pay up-front for membership in our practice. We have several payment plan options, with the best value in yearly payments. Then, you're in! No need to worry about additional fees for visits or calls. We have included 8 one-hour visits within this fee, including office procedures as needed, so you can rest assured. We will have regular check-ins to make sure you are on track with your health goals.  Dr. Mandelberger has regular "open phone hours" where you can book short phone calls to review results, ask questions. And of course if an in-person visit is needed, you book an apt and come in! We will have regular open time slots for urgent visits. You will have access to text messaging and emails, and a convenient patient portal for booking appointments and contacting our staff. 

"Do you take insurance?"

No, we do not contract with any insurance companies. This allows Dr. Mandelberger the time to provide the best possible care to her patients. With a membership model, you can breathe easy and not have to worry about cost for each and every visit! We recommend you check with your insurance company about out-of-network benefits. 

"Do you have a patient roster limit?"

Yes. I wish I could take care of everyone! But I must limit membership so that I can have enough time to devote to each of my patients. If there is high demand for care, I will definitely look into hiring an excellent partner. (My standards will be HIGH). If you cannot afford our membership or we are closed out, we will keep you on a waiting list. In the meantime, for quality education on women's health and menopause, please see to join an educational group and follow me on instagram for educational content @drmandelberger. Also keep following this site for my free informational blog. 

"What are the costs?"

Membership price is $2500/year. The best value is in full yearly payment but payment plans are available for 6 month, 3 month or monthly intervals.  An introductory visit is $250 if you are not yet a member, but this does not include an annual exam. New patient annuals are $650 though this price is waived if you sign up for membership. Hysteroscopy surgeries are $1500 and minor laparoscopic surgeries such as sterilization procedures or simple ovarian surgeries are $3000, and robotic hysterectomy, myomectomy, any endometriosis surgeries or open surgeries are $6000 including postoperative care. See full pricing list for non-members here

"Do you take care of pregnancies?"

No, I do not practice obstetrics. This allows me to really focus on and excel at my passion. If a patient of mine were to become pregnant, I would refer her to an excellent obstetrical colleague. 

"Do you see younger patients who are not in menopause?"

Yes, I do! But I only have a limited number of spots for patients ages 18-34. At this time we are accepting 50 patients in this age group and 200 patients ages 34+. 

“Can I use HSA account to pay for membership?

Most likely yes, but I recommend double checking with your company first.

“Does the membership replace insurance?”

No - we are not an insurance plan. We cannot guarantee access to care for emergencies. Also, while we provide extensive preventative lifestyle coaching, we are not a primary care office and we recommend you still maintain a PCP such as an internal medicine or family medicine doctor. 


"How can I prepare for my first visit?"

Gather mammo, pap, dexa, cardiology visit, PCP visit and bloodwork including lipid panel, TSH, hormone testing or any others. Be sure to fill out our intake form, check all of your medications and supplements including brands (take pics of bottles if needed.) Catch up on your family history, ask family members about their medical history if needed.

"When will my membership start?"

Your membership begins at your first visit. We do ask that you book this visit within 2 months of signing up for the practice. 

"Do you do pap smears?"

Of course! We provide full scope gyn care with "annual" exam screenings including pap smears, mammogram scripts, and any other necessary testing for patients who are part of the full-scope gynecology memberships.

"Will I need to pay for labs or imaging?"

Probably not. If you have insurance, that will likely cover many of those fees as the laboratories can bill your insurance for the tests. There may be some instances that certain tests will not be covered and we will discuss this. Dr. Mandelberger does not get any money or benefits from private testing companies. 


"Are procedures included?"

Small office procedures are included as part of the full scope gynecology membership. Examples include vulvar biopsies, endometrial biopsies, IUD insertions/removals, colposcopies, and others. Higher risk procedures that may or may not require anesthesia, such as D+C/hysteroscopies, or larger surgeries such as hysterectomies or myomectomies are at an additional cost that will be provided up-front.

"What if I want to switch doctors?"

No hard feelings! You may cancel at any time. However, we ask that you make a 6 month commitment to us and will not be refunded for under 6 months. We would be glad to forward any records you may need to other providers. Also, second opinions outside of the practice are always welcome.

"Do I need to be a member to see Dr. Mandelberger?"

No, we do have fee-for-service options for patients who do not wish to be members. However, we highly recommend membership to enjoy all of the perks including priority bookings, text messaging/email contacts, free scheduled phone calls, access to online educational materials, and more! The best value is in the membership. See price list for further info.

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