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You're grappling with subtle mood swings, changes in your menstrual cycle, fatigue, or a persistent brain fog. You've done the labs, and the imaging, and were told “everything's normal.” You thought it might be perimenopause, but you were told you're too young, or it's just normal aging. It's frustrating, and worse, it feels like your concerns are being dismissed as if they're all in your head.

You've always liked your OB/GYN, but lately, the visits feel rushed, and you're not getting the answers you need. Perhaps you could have spoken up more during that last appointment, but something just didn't click. It seemed like they weren't ready to hear what you had to say.

It's not their fault, though. They were never trained to handle perimenopause, and they're juggling too many patients in too little time. With a waiting room full of frustrated people, a pile of phone calls, and results to review, it's easier for them to say “It's normal” or “It’s nothing,” just to keep the gears turning. This is the harsh reality of the insurance-based, fee-for-service system, but it's far from okay. I get it - I have been a patient like you, and I used to be one of those doctors.


Your concerns should never be brushed aside, and providers shouldn’t be overworked to the point where quality patient care takes a backseat. That's precisely why I founded Balanced Medical. I firmly believe that women deserve the absolute best in healthcare. The doctor-patient relationship is sacred and should be given the time and energy needed to yield optimal results.


I'm all about proactive care. At Balanced Medical, the emphasis is on preventing issues rather than just reacting to them. But in the rare instance that health challenges do arise, my commitment is to go above and beyond in providing exceptional treatment. I believe in empowering patients with knowledge about available options for prevention and treatment, ensuring that they can feel confident in the choices they make.

Welcome to Balanced Medical, where your health is our top priority, and your concerns are heard and respected. Let's get started.


To help women over 30 find their most vital selves through the menopausal transition and beyond.


Comprehensive women's care focused on quality and prevention without the constraints of corporate health systems and insurance companies. We place a strong emphasis on lifestyle and disease prevention, as well as quality of life. 

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