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Become a member of Balanced Medical and enjoy quality women's care with easy access and no waits. Transparent pricing and an up-front membership plan takes the worry out of going outside insurance. Payment plans available. See FAQ


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On the fence? Book an introductory visit/ consultation and find out if we are a good fit.


Surgical Consults

Are you here for surgical services? Book your consult now. 


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Membership Services

  • Annual gynecologic and breast exam with pap smear

  • Priority appointments

  • Text messaging with Dr. Mandelberger

  • Menopause care and hormonal/non-hormonal treatments

  • Lifestyle/health goal setting

  • Contraception management

  • Office procedures such as:

    • IUD insertion/removal​

    • Pelvic ultrasounds

    • Colposcopy

    • Biopsies (vulvar, vaginal, cervical)

  • Patient portal and member section of website

  • Email access with Dr. Mandelberger and staff 

  • Scheduled calls for results follow up and brief questions 

  • Discounts on supplements and other products

  • Areas of expertise:

    • sexual dysfunction​

    • pelvic pain

    • fibroids

    • abnormal bleeding

    • metabolic dysfunction

    • pcos

    • endometriosis

    • vulvodynia/vulvar pain

    • recurrent vaginitis

Surgical services

  • Hysteroscopy

  • Robotic Surgery 

  • minimally invasive myomectomy (fibroid removal)

  • Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy

  • Salpingectomy (fallopian tube removal) for permanent contraception or IVF

  • Laparoscopic ovarian cyst removal

  • Minimally invasive endometriosis excision surgery 

  • Labial reduction

  • Hymenal procedures

  • oophorectomy 

  • LEEP/cone biopsy

Coming Soon...

  • access to online menopause 101 course

  • longevity optimization track

  • pelvic physical therapy evaluations and treatment​

  • mental health counseling

  • wellness coaching

  • mindfulness meditation

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